Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 2 Weigh-In: Here I Go!

252.5  (down 4.5 from last week!)

With a mixture of excitement and slight anxiety, I am going to begin my fast tomorrow morning.  Tonight was our group meeting with an orientation to the shakes and a discussion of various medical questions.  It was neat to see the people in my group -- us first-timers buzzing with anticipation, and those who have tried this before, approaching this in their own lighthearted and hopeful way.  After the meeting I had my last meal.  I had hoped to go to a very nice little sandwich place to get one of my favorite (and somewhat healthy) platters of sandwich and salad.  Instead, with it being 8:30pm, I opted for a fresh Subway turkey sub with lots of veggies that I enjoy.  Twice this week I ate my favorite Thai food, so I don't feel so bad that Subway was the final food for a while.

I've set aside a place in my kitchen for the blender and have a container to put all my packets in.  Already, I have mixed up three shakes and put them in containers, in the fridge, to bring to work in a little cooler.  I will have to play around with this to see what works best.  I heard many good suggestions on how to have your shakes at work and throughout the day, and I may have to try a few until I know what is right for me.   I also put four packets in a ziplock in my purse, along with a chicken broth packet, just in case I get stuck somewhere.  I'm trying to plan and anticipate so that I don't mess up.  With so few calories a day, there is not much room for error.   Happy, healthy New Year everyone!  Cheers!


Unknown said...

Planning is so important! You are so organised, I just know you're going to do well. To get through my first few days I always had a drink bottle on hand and made lots and lots of herbal tea.
Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to see how you go! It will be great if you can post, even if it's a hard day, because one day you will look back and marvel at how strong you were!

happyinca said...

Thanks Cait. That is a great suggestion -- brewing tea now for my water bottle. I will post at the end of the day for posterity, but so far so good.