Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 1 - First Group Meeting - Off I Go

257 lbs.

I had my first Optifast group meeting last night.  I had been counting down the days for this program to begin and now I'm officially started on this journey.  It had that "first day in a new school" feeling, knowing that I would be getting to know these people very well over the next 20 weeks.  There is also the fun of knowing that most of us are going to look very differently in a few weeks.  That's cool.

A few of the members were veterans of a previous 20 weeks, looking slim, but for them, needing to lose a few more pounds.  They shared their tips - Torani Sugar Free Syrup is a must- and reassured us that this phase of the program is do-able.  Their number one tip -- never, ever take that first bite while on the fast.  It will always lead to more, and will make it very difficult to re-commit to the program.  When I think about it, this is the most risky proposition for me.  I'm sure I will be tempted and tested many times.  I just hope I can stay strong when the time comes.

So now I will be recording my foods and feelings this week.  My official starting weight now, on last night's scale is 257 lbs.   So that's what I will consider the beginning weight going forward.

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Anonymous said...

My highest weight was about 260ish. I lost a big chunk on my own and finally started Optifast when I hit a plateau for over a year. -Colleen