Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where the Mind Wanders When The Body Doesn't Eat

I'm going through a phase of thinking about food and about how I'd like to eat when I reach my goal weight and finish transition and maintenance.  I hesitate to dwell on it, because I still have many months of my fast left to go.  But...meat and veggies are looking very, very good to me right now, so I've taken to reading diet-related "groups" on MyFitnessPal.  I'm ashamed to say that I've become a vouyer on those boards, looking at public food diaries for clues about what people are eating to live well and maintain weight.

There is this way of eating called Primal/Paleo that has my attention.  My husband is eating this way right now and has lost about 35 pounds and feels great.  But this type of eating was made for him as he's an avid carnivore and butter enthusiast.  It goes against all the conventional wisdom we were taught about eating.  Eat fatty meats, non-hydrogenated fats (bulk of calories), and non-starchy veggies.  No grains, and for some, no dairy.  I guess we will have an idea of how it's going when he has his next routine blood work done!  It will really mean something, if his cholesterol and lipids are normal.

How crazy is it that I'm even writing about this???  I can't even eat right now!  But somehow, it is helping just to make my inner feelings public.

Optifast is a long journey for me.  I've planted my garden, I've passed on birthday cake, wine, and Easter feasts.  Sometimes, I guess I just need to live vicariously through people who are maintaining their weight and eating food, something I hope to be doing in the near future.  Did anyone else go through this during their Optifast days?

Oh, here's a picture of my happy garden.    Thanks for helping me get through this time.

4 Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes
3 Brandy Boy Tomatoes
1 Kellogg Breakfast Tomato (plus 3 seeds planted)
3 cucumber plants
4 Green Bean plants
3 zucchini plants
Cilantro, Basil and Mint

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