Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 15 Weigh-In

207.5 lbs.

I'm getting very, very close to a big milestone -- the big 50 pound mark!  As the weeks go by I struggle with myself not to project how long I will be fasting.  In the present moment, I love the progress, and I'm finally getting to have some fun, positive weight loss benefits. I haven't been this weight since before I was pregnant with my first child, over 15 years ago!  But the first 20 weeks is a long time, and I know I will have several more weeks on top of that.  Truthfully, it isn't that I'm sick of the shakes, or mourning the joy of eating a great meal (or drinking a wonderful glass of wine).  At this point, I'm just so excited, that I want to reach my goal weight overnight.  But I need to step back and not be so selfish.  My Optifast experience has been so much more that quick weight loss.  I have learned, and am still learning things about myself and about eating that I hope will help me know how to stave off the impulse to eat for reasons other than hunger.

I'm making sacrifices to do this program as well.  I missed my son's first soccer goal and subsequent three.  Most of his games are at the time of my Optifast meeting.  But I also experience the joy of him kidding me about being able to touch his hands when he gives me a hug.  We are going to have so much fun, and actually we ARE having much more fun.  All those little brushes with fun that I've posted about - the trampolining, the beach, etc. are just the beginning, and I'm going to start stepping up the pace on trying new things and spreading the joy around as I go along.  Why weight?


Kathy said...

Congrats on this major milestone! Sound like you have a very understanding and supportive family. I completely agree ... we can't wait to live our lives and have fun until all the weight is gone. I am always trying to remember that too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this blog!! My husband and I are both starting Optifast (I start tomorrow, he starts on 22nd when he gets back from a work trip).

It was nice reading through all your previous posts - finally someone actually actively posting and it's current!!! Definitely going to keep following this.

I'm also on MFP! ak_honda

happyinca said...

Thanks Kathy!

happyinca said...

Thanks for reading Amanda! It means a lot to me to know that documenting my experience is helpful to others just starting out. Congratulations on deciding to start Optifast -- and is it is wonderful that your hubby is joining you in the process. It's nice to have people in your household who are supportive, and the two of you can weather any temptations and keep each other on track. Which Optifast product will you be on? I'll friend you on MFP! Way to go girl!!

Caitlin R said...

I know exactly what you mean about the impatience! I was just saying to my boyfriend that "I just want to be thin already!" We get so excited about what it means to reach your goal, and sometimes we lose sight of all the steps along the way!

You are so wise to take stock of every little achievement you've made already. The trampolining and the feeling lighter. The mental changes and challenges and breakthroughs. One day - and one day soon - you WILL wake up at your goal weight. It IS going to happen. And I think once we get there, it won't have seemed like such a long wait after all!

happyinca said...

Agreed Caitlin! It's a short time in the scheme of things. Imagine what we are accomplishing!