Saturday, May 10, 2014

Musical Motivation - The Second Playlist

Last August when I first started on my journey towards health and decided to join a gym, I created a motivational playlist to help me stay centered and focused on my goals.  I wrote about it  in the post Cultivating the Soil.   Music is a powerful, emotional tool for me and I have listened to this playlist at least once a day since I created it.  As I've progressed, the meanings of the words have changed for me and touched me in new ways.  Much like a mantra, these songs have reminded me of how I felt when I was desperate and in need of blind faith to work my way to better health.

I was sitting in a quiet house on Friday night, and decided to create a new playlist.  I Googled "motivational playlists"  and went on a journey of discovery of new music and artists with something encouraging to say.  I also included some of my old favorites that just make me feel good and happy to be alive.  I think this set of songs has more of an "on the path to success, seek truth and beauty and believe in yourself" kind of vibe to it.  The groups are very diverse, but so is my musical taste.  So here's the new playlist in case you are looking for some tunes to keep you focused and encouraged.  I didn't arrange them with an ear toward flow because I usually shuffle songs.

1.  Hall of Fame:  The Script with
2.  Reach for the Sky:  Social Distortion
3.  When You're Falling:  Afro Celt Sound System
3.  Bright Lights:  Placebo
4.  Face the Music:  Conjure One
5.  Always on Your Side:  Sheryl Crow and Sting
6.  Back to You:  Bryan Adams
7.  You  Gotta Be:  Des'ree
8.  She's A Rainbow:  The Rolling Stones
9.  Brave:  Sara Bareilles
10. Tubthumping:  Chumbawamba
11.  Owner of a Lonely Heart:  Yes
12.  Never Going Back Again:  Fleetwood Mac
13.  Defying Gravity:  Wicked
14.  Closer to Free:  BoDeans
15.  Invincible:  Pat Benatar
16.  Be Still:  Los Lobos

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