Monday, August 18, 2014

Quick Check-In

Hi everyone.  I'm in the middle of a busy couple of weeks hosting my sister and her 60th birthday party!  We are having so much fun with lots and lots of activity.  I ate 2 bowls of miso soup after long hiking days last weekend (over 17,000 steps, steep hills and heavy backpacks each day), and then splurged on a bit of tortilla soup (sans the tortillas) when we visited the famous Olvera Street in Los Angeles.  It was a taste explosion, but since it was off program, I'm back on track and focusing on getting all my shakes and waters in for the remainder of the week.  I'm finding that it's more important for me to learn to calmly get back to eating well after a splurge than to freak out about eating something.  So that's what I'm doing, and I'm happy to say that this mindset is working for me.

On tap for tomorrow is ziplining at the San Diego Safari Park and on Wednesday we are taking stand-up paddleboarding lessons.  Both are bucket list-vision board items and I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to try them.  The ziplining makes me nervous, but I'm going to do it!!

I'll post pics probably next week after all the guests are gone and I have my house back.  My kids also start school this week so I couldn't be busier.  But I can't complain with all of the fun I've had this summer.  It has been the best possible reward for losing the pounds and I'll never forget it.

I hope all of you are staying keeping up the program and enjoying your healthy adventures!

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