Sunday, August 10, 2014

Busting My Tail For A Big Shindig

I've been mentioning on and off about hosting my sister's 60th birthday party in August.  Well here we are!  I've been crazy busy reorganizing our house, deep cleaning rooms, getting rid of old clothes and toys, throwing out and donating a bunch of stuff.  It will be great for the party, but I'll also enjoy the lasting fruits of my labor.  Starting out the school year with an organized house will be a major score!  My sister lives in Arizona so her first choice of where to have her big party was my place, in beautiful San Diego.  Cooler temps and the beach - you can't beat that!  Three family groups will be staying at my house, and the rest of the family and guests will be staying in area hotels.  All beds and couches will be occupied.

Part of the fun of this particular event is that my sister is coming out early -- like this Wednesday -- and we are going to have some major adventures for her "birthday week".  We'll be taking the train up the coast, and then a ferry to Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands to go for a day hike.  We both have always wanted to go there and I know it will be stunning scenery.  We will need to pack in our food, so I'll be carrying lots of water, a shaker bottle and my shake packets.  This may very well be my last trip while I'm on Optifast shakes.  That sounds GREAT to me because frankly, I'm ready to eat food again.

I've decided that even if I'm not 10 pounds from my goal, I'm going to start the transition to protein and veggies the week after the party.  I'm pushing myself more in my workouts, and really want the extra boost of real food to give me the energy I need to start jogging a bit.  I'm ready, and just know it.  I also understand that I'll continue to lose weight during the transition period, so I'll make it to my goal weight in good time.  I will still have over a month of my normal Optifast class, and then will attend 8 weeks of a maintenance class.  Lots to learn, lots to experience!

Unfortunately, on top of all of this party prep, I'm having a root canal tomorrow.  I will time my shake so that I'll feel as well as I can expect to feel while having a major dental procedure :-(  Ugh.  It can't be fun all the time.  Please send good, calm thoughts.

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