Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 31 Weigh-In: Creating a New Vision Board

164 lbs.

I found a computer and a few minutes to string together, so I thought I'd write a brief update.  Vacation has been fantastic!  I hiked and exercised at high altitudes, including a beautiful hike partially down the Grand Canyon.  My concerns about how my body would respond to high altitude were pleasantly unfounded.  I can now scratch that worry off my list for good, and it feels wonderful.

I'm thrilled to report that I stayed fully on program the whole time.  I passed up huge family dinners, birthday cake and wine (the hardest!)  At first, some family members didn't understand why I couldn't eat a healthy salad, but I was steadfast in sharing that this is a temporary part of my treatment, and that healthy foods will be coming into my life very soon.  I think some people remain skeptical, and see my program as a "fad" diet.  Maybe they weren't thinking this, but I just seemed to pick up on a vibe of them thinking "she is probably going to gain it all back after this is done."

Perhaps I'm projecting my own concerns onto them.  Who knows?  

I don't care what anyone thinks at this point in time.  This program has changed my life completely, and I'm having more fun and dressing better than I've been able to do for YEARS (I'm doing a happy dance right now and smiling from ear to ear!)

At the beginning of my adventure I wrote about imagining myself having more fun, engaging in healthy activities, wearing a bathing suit in public.  Here I am, about 8 months later, actually doing those things.  I laughed like a little kid as I went down a community water slide about 25 times!  My kids and nieces and nephews gave me high fives and even convinced me to go on the scary tube slide (only once).

I wished that I could have hiked all the way down the Grand Canyon.  Even going back up was fine, though I stopped every few levels.  My body felt energized and healthy and I just smiled inside, aware of this new experience.  I can't wait to eat a bit more and then push myself physically to do more.  This will happen in a few weeks, but until then, I'm not suffering, and I'm managing to have a blast!

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This was the first time I had been on a water slide in 20 years!

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This is me about a half mile down the Grand Canyon.  
Eventually these photos will be added to the Vision Board Part 2, with ME doing all of the fun activities I'd always dreamed of doing.  I'm trying to keep this feeling close to the surface, and at the forefront of my mind.  When I finally start eating again, and bump up against cravings, I want to be able to come back to these pictures and tell myself "no thank you, I've had enough" when my cravings steer me in the direction of carbs, or a second glass of wine.

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