Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 25 Weigh In - Focus and Goals

179 lbs.

Another week of Optifast down, and God only knows how many more to go :-)  I'm not complaining, I'm committed to the ride, and I'm so thankful for this journey.  But the experience is different now.  In the earlier weeks it was easier to stay focused.  I had more milestones to look forward to and accomplish.  I'm starting to tick them off of the milestone chart now and the list is happily getting shorter.  But some of the biggies are still left to accomplish!  Despite this, though, I realize that I need to find something more to focus on, instead of the day that I can start eating again, and I think the next logical step would be for me to rededicate myself to establishing an exercise routine.  Today in our Optifast class we were visited by an exercise physiologist who talked about the importance of resistance training/weight lifting.  I admit that I've been avoiding this because I'm pretty naturally muscular and am able to build muscle easily.  I didn't want to stall my weight loss since this is my primary focus.  The exercise physiologist changed my mind, though.  I realize that now that I'm in the home stretch, I should start to not only tone my muscles, but more importantly, incorporate weight lifting into my routine.

I haven't fully reestablished my exercise routine since I left my job at the end of May.  Summer kicked in, the kids are home from school, I'm at home for the first time in close to 10 years, and I've started working more on a side business (due to my husband's impending exit from his job).  There is a steep learning curve with this as well.  I'm spending more time on the computer.  And I confess that it's not all business -- I enjoy checking MyFitnessPal, and reading and discovering new fitness blogs. The time suck happens in a blink of an eye.

These are excuses, and I completely realize that I have time to work out.  This is how unexpected life changes (and the resulting paralysis, stress or depression), if I let them suck all of my attention, take over and distract me from my health goals.  I've done this countless times.  Starting a new job, having a baby, moving, injuries, kids activities...the list goes on... and will continue to go on for the rest of my life.  I think this is a good time to stop and recognize what is happening and learn how to deal with change, and prioritize my health and wellness.  This is why I'm treating this experience as so much more than a "diet".  If I want to make this wonderful progress last, I need to stay vigilant and disciplined and focused on my new healthy priorities.  The rest of my life needs to accommodate THOSE things.  Not the other way around.

It all comes down to why I started in the first place.  I want to have more fun and more joy in my life, and being healthy is the only way for me to achieve this (especially the kind of fun I'm thinking of!).   I think now is the prefect time to re-post my vision board and remember why I'm seeking this change.

I hope you all are staying strong and feeling good.  If you're not, keep going anyway and don't give up. We're in this thing together.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree with everything you are thinking and really hope and encourage you to follow through on these thoughts regarding exercise, weight training, making the time when you don't think you do, etc. I also found in the "home stretch" I needed something more to focus on rather than food/calories, etc. and I found that through exercise and running. I am not saying you should run, but finding an activity or exercise goal WAY out of your comfort zone really gives you something to think about. Maybe pick up a new sport, sign up for a race or walk that you never thought you would do but maybe thought would be cool or supports a charity you believe in, etc. It will definitely make the time pass quickly until you are at goal and then you will have built in what I think is THE key to maintenance - exercise. I get it when you are home and with kids - and I used to let weeks go in between my exercise in the past, but I have made it a priority "no matter what" and it has paid off....not always easy, but habits take a while to take root. Anyway, I loved this post and I think you are really doing well and have your head on straight for success. Always here to help if you need support :)
PS - you are very lucky you put on muscle quickly. I do not, apparently, and it is taking FOREVER to rebuild all the muscle I lost on Optifast. Ugh.

happyinca said...

Hi Martha,

Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas and feedback. I think you hit the nail on the head, and I need to get out of my comfort zone in some sort of athletic endeavor. I'm signed up to walk the Silverstrand Half Marathon here in San Diego in November, and will be doing this with my sisters and a friend. This will get me walking. Your one mile streak is brilliant, and maybe it's time for me to do that too. I really appreciate your support!

Take care,