Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jumping for Valentines

Perhaps a little weight loss has emboldened me.  Approaching a 4 day weekend with my youngest son, while the rest of my family are out of town, I decided to take him to his favorite trampoline place last night.  He begged me to jump with him, offering to pay my way as a Valentine's gift.  How could I turn down such a heart-felt plea?  When we arrived I discreetly took one of the staff members aside and asked if there was a weight limit to jump, and she smiled and assured me that yesterday two 400 pound dudes were reliving childhood bliss.  So I went for it!

The smile on my son's face when I started jumping with him was the best Valentine's present I could have asked for.  In the past, with my aches and pains and self-consciousness, there wouldn't have been a question but I would have had to sit it out (though I wish I'd learned about those awesome jumping dudes earlier, or I might have done it sooner).  But just a little over 10% of weight loss has given me more self-confidence, and I had a blast!

There is nothing like the freedom of flying into the air doing twists and turns, arms flapping like a bird.  I even  got up the courage to play a couple of games of dodge ball with him, and got a big hug and kiss for doing that.   When it comes down to it, health benefits are great, but the FUN and JOY that I have now, and will keep having, is really what I'm in it for.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! We have a backyard trampoline and my kids were always begging me to get on it but I did exceed the weight limit on it - I was always too embarrassed to tell my kids that was the reason I wouldn't get on with them though. I always felt like I was letting them down. As soon as I got below the limit though I finally got on with them one day and it was so fun! So awesome to be "re-joining" our kids in fun! That's what this is all about! Congratulations!

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Unknown said...

So amazing! This is what you're doing it for. I love that you never lose sight of it. :-)