Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 13 Weigh-In: Meh.

214.5 lbs. (not a typo)

Wellllll.  At least I didn't gain, right?  Once again, I need to go Zen on this week's weigh in, knowing that I'm coming off two straight weeks of big losses.  I know I wasn't as active this week, but I was still true to my eating plan.  I'll try and get more water in, just in case my body is trying to tell me something, but truthfully, I don't think it's the water.  Back to the pool for me!

This weeks class was about stuffing our feelings, especially anger.  It was painful revisiting and sharing one of my own experiences, and it was also very validating that most (not all) of us felt inhibited about expressing anger, either from childhood experiences, or from our own feelings of repression.  I can see the correlation between holding in my emotions and turning to food or alcohol to dull them until they pass.  I'm going to have to always have my weight loss and health at the forefront of my mind so that when I have the impulse to eat or drink too much at those moments I need to remind myself of what it took to get to the healthy weight and just want that more.  It's not that easy, I know, but as the Paul Simon song goes, "you have to learn how to fall before you learn to fly."


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear this! I think it's wonderful that you're taking it in your stride. "Just keep swimming" . I think I saw on MFP that you had a lovely loss recently? Is that since this post? Sometimes our bodies pay us back what they owe!! ;)

happyinca said...

Hi Caitlin, yes, my body does move in it's own time, and not timed for my clinic weigh in sometimes :-) Oh well, it's a good signal to step up the exercise anyway. It is so nice to see your successes! You'll be at the 5K in no time! Cheers to you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! And you are doing amazingly too. 46 pounds!! WOW! Hopefully the body behaves for your weigh in next time!!