Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thinking of the Big Picture And Accepting My Pace

After my setbacks of late, I'm finally feeling better and boy do I appreciate every pain free moment!  As soon as I could, I ditched my medication and slowly set off to walk  and keep moving.  Of course, last week was also the end of the school year for my youngest son, and there were school promotions, parties and events to attend.  Yesterday I organized a sunset beach picnic for friends and kids, and we welcomed the summer Southern California style with a chilly evening at the beach.  I left very early in the morning to stake out a nice spot on the sand and at the picnic tables.  I love the beach, especially before the people arrive.
I had the beach all to myself early in the morning.  Only seagull prints were in the sand.
Diet and RMR Testing

After Monday's humiliating weigh-in, I have been extra, extra conscientious with my diet.  I've followed the clinic eating plan perfectly this week, and am also losing the water weight that I had gained while on medications.  I've only weighed in once this week, and was down a couple of pounds.  I have no doubt that this was some excess water weight.  It will be interesting to watch my weight over the next few weeks, because I average very few calories - usually 1200 or below - on this eating plan. This would normally seem low to me, but I'm wondering if this is my reality.  If I really don't need very many calories to live my life, then that's what it will be.

My clinic recently replaced their machine which tests resting metabolic rate, and so I set up an appointment to be tested in a couple of weeks.  I'm super excited to get this next batch of data.  I'm almost a year into eating food again, so my body has had a decent amount of time to adjust.   Plus I'm so much more active than I was back then and have built muscle in the process.  I can't wait to find out what my baseline/resting calorie needs are.

I think I can accept and feel fine about my diet if the scale moves in the expected direction, even if it's slowly, and even if it fluctuates a little bit on the way down.  I don't need to lose my extra weight quickly, I just need to learn the right way to intervene when it starts to climb, and feel confident in my interventions.  This is my ultimate goal.

Interventions That Are Apparently Working So Far

  • Eating a low carb, very nutritionally specific diet:  Exacts amounts of proteins, vegetables, dairy, fats and fruits.  Higher protein than any other macronutrient.
  • Eating fewer calories, and not adding calories from exercise.
  • Conscientiously drinking tea, water, and avoiding diet drinks.  I add lemon, which makes it delicious.
  • Abstaining from alcohol.  This is the most difficult, of course, but it will be my strategy while I'm trying to lose weight.  It is not part of my long-term plan, though :-)  I want to try and add a drink or two when I am maintaining a healthy weight range.
All this may sound pretty dull and basic, but this is what I'm doing, and I'm making the best of it, with delicious, healthy dishes.  

I hope all of you are feeling healthy and enjoying the new season!


Lowcarb team member said...

"All this may sound pretty dull and basic, but this is what I'm doing, and I'm making the best of it, with delicious, healthy dishes."

Dull and basic no ... just good ideas and a good plan.

Take Care

All the best Jan

Wendy said...

Hi Christy - how's it going with this plan so far? Do you have hunger or cravings? You didn't mention that, so I assume the answer is no, but just wanted to ask.
I'll be eager to hear, too, what your body analysis and RMR are. Do you have one from before to compare this one to?
Very glad to hear you are feeling better!!!

Gwen said...

I'm SO glad you are feeling better! That's fantastic! Your plan sounds good. I have to stick to 1200 calories too, or I gain. That's just the way it is. I'm tweaking what those 1200 are, though. Good luck!

happyinca said...

Thanks Jan, Wendy and Gwen. Gwen, I remembered that you kept your calories low, so in the back of my mind I figure, I'm not alone in this. Jan, you're right,basic IS good :-)

Wendy, I have only felt hungry on occasion, and in those times, I add some fat to my diet. I add coconut oil to my smoothie, olive oil to a salad, or butter to veggies. The thing I loved about eating a more keto diet was that I was never hungry. So I'm taking those lessons and tweaking this plan more.

One other strategy that I failed to mention is that I'm training my body to be satisfied on 3 meals rather than snacking or grazing (though I still have something soon after dinner that is sweet, like a smoothie.) I want to give my stomach time to digest and rest, and the hunger before meal time is a good thing. So I'm transitioning my eating habits a bit.

I didn't have a baseline RMR, so this one will serve as my baseline. I'm planning to continue strength training, so hopefully this will have a positive impact on a future RMR test. It will be interesting to see. Have any of you ladies had this test done?

Gwen said...

I have to cut back on snacking too. My main bugaboo. :)

I have not had that test done.