Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Weight Loss Slow Down

I'm now at a point in my program where I am shifting gears in my expectations and starting to settle down into lifestyle mode.  When I was on shakes, my weight dropped consistently, and it was wonderful.  That's what I was hoping for when I started this program!  With that tremendous momentum behind me, it feels strange to now step on the scale and see a gain.  This morning I was 2 pounds heavier than I was last week.  That's a normal fluctuation for a person eating regular food, and especially for a person transitioning onto food.  The clinic warned us of this.  But now I'm watchful.

I have been enjoying the reintroduction of food into my daily life, and can really feel a big difference in my energy levels.  With the exception of adding breads, I'm following the transition plan very closely.  In the place of bread I have added more veggies since I'm really not interested in starting in on grains and refined sugar.  I had my first grapes yesterday and YOWZA, they were fantastic.  Veggies and avocado are pretty freaking fantastic too!  I look at my beautiful salad and think "eating healthy is not bad at all!"

My activity level has bumped up extensively.  Between the C25K program and daily hikes with my hubby, I'm getting more than enough exercise each day and have really noticed that my fitness level is leaps and bounds better than it was.  I've had to slow down a bit to let him catch up with me for a change.  I am loving that feeling -- maybe it's those endorphins that people talk about - but exercising the way I've been doing really makes me happy.

So my mind is entering "slow and steady" mode, and I'm starting to ease into my new lifestyle.  There are still many things that I need to work out.  As I wean off the shakes, I'm still eating under 1,000 calories per day.  I'm going to be slowly adding to that for a while, but I don't know when my metabolism will kick back into gear.  Right now I'm feeling fine on that level of calories, but clearly with my exercise level, I'll need to see those numbers climb so that I don't stunt my metabolism.  It feels like a giant chemistry experiment to me.  I just need to trust the process and the program.

So that's my status for this week.  I'm enjoying the taste of beautiful, healthy foods, and enjoying the feeling of my healthier body, and am a little perplexed by this process of adding food and calories back in.


Anonymous said...

It is kinda sad how few people ever really work at the exercise portion of this lifestyle change. They are willing to make so many other changes/sacrifices but not fully embrace this one as well. I talk about it with them but they just won't get on board. I feel like the emotional benefits are so important and really help keep the other stuff in check. It is such an important part of the balance while also improving metabolism and emotional health. My dr. has said, for a couple of years now, that studies show the biggest predictor of weight re-gain is a change in the exercise habit. Keep it going, even in stressful, busy, hard times and your weight should keep in check as well. So far it has worked for me!! Anyway, I really love reading your blog because you DO get it and you ARE embracing it and your happiness is shining through. Congrats. PS - if you do get this "chemistry experiment" figured out, I'd love to know because it is such a big mystery to me...still.

happyinca said...

Martha, I'm following your lead! I've been pouring over your blogposts from when you transitioned and gotten a lot out of them. You're the one who inspired me to lace up and try running. For the first time in my life I think I'm feeling endorphins! LOL. Thanks so much for your continued encouragement. It means a lot right now. I'll let you know about the chemistry experiment. Mostly, I just need to keep from growing complacent. I think my first week on food, I just enjoyed the tastes so much that I expanded into territories not yet permitted. So now I'm back to the book, and the trails. It's all good, and overall I'm not stressing too much. Just taking it one day at a time.